Muller's deep appreciation of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail comes from his many faceted background. He is a professional violist, a violin maker, an award winning sculptor and painter. Decades of hands on experience and familiarity with the "Gibson" Guarneri del Gesu, the concert instrument of Ruggiero Ricci for over 40 years, has been a major influence in his construction methods. Muller's friend and teacher, Louis Lionel Grand, was another guiding light in his violin making. The combination of all these influences has lead to what many call, "the incomparable sound" of Muller violins and violas. During the making process, he judges the arching and graduations of each instrument to complement the choice of wood, always adhering to the knowledge acquired from the great masters of Cremona.

William Muller, an active professional violist, plays exclusively on his own instrument made in 1999. He tours nationally and has recorded numerous CDs with it. "I think being a performer myself, I have an advantage over other violin makers, especially when it comes to judging sound, building an instrument that's comfortable to play, and definitely for bridge and sound post adjustments.
Internationally renowned virtuoso, Ruggiero Ricci, favors several Muller violins and selected a Guarneri Model, made in 1999, for his CD, The Legacy of Cremona. Muller violins and violas are currently in the hands of numerous professionals.
Though a serious violin maker schooled in the historic traditions of the great Italian masters, Muller is not opposed to venturing into the unconventional upon request. His "Cowboy Boot" violin garnered much praise and attention at the 1998, "A Celebration of American Excellence", violin making exhibit, in New York City. Muller also takes requests for custom hand carved fittings, including pegs, tail-pieces, even scrolls! The horse-head scroll seen on this website is just one example of the fine custom carvings offered.
Located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, a wonderful Victorian village on the bank of the Susquehanna River, William Muller is only 3 hours from New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, making him accessible to musicians from all three metropolitan areas


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