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The Legacy of Cremona recording project was made to show how modern violin makers have re-established a new, "golden age," of violin making taking no back seat to the "Glory of Cremona".

For this recording, Ruggiero Ricci, at the age of 83 years chose 18 violin makers and played a different piece on each of their violins. This CD is not to be seen as a recital but as Ruggiero Ricci's act of gratitude towards the men who provide the instruments for his great art. As well as pieces by Schubert, Sarasate, Sibelius, Granados, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Wieniawski and others, Ruggiero Ricci also plays eighteen times (once on each violin) a fragment of the cadenza which Hubert Leonard wrote for Beethoven’s concerto. The booklet contains detailed photographs of all the instruments and the curricula of all their makers.

Ricci selected a Guarneri Model violin, made by William Muller in 1999 to record Consolation by Liszt / Milstein.

This CD can be purchased at www.dynamic.it

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